FRAME NUMBER BICYCLE DATING GUIDE . ... Marque enthusiasts use records of shop ledgers that recorded dates sold and frame numbers, ...

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    It appears that Raleigh recycled many of the older serial numbers in later years, ... had a straightforward numerical frame number.

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    Sheldon Brown's Raleigh Twenty Bicycle Page. For many years, in many parts of the world, the Raleigh . These bicycles were not toys, and, despite the model name, they ...

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    9/7/2008 · Comprehensive records of Raleigh frame numbers is another very ... All dating would therefore be ... Bicycle History: Nottingham The Raleigh Cycle ...

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    Dating Raleigh Frame Numbers\ Other Great Vintage Bicycling Sites Information, photographs, community, and more! All links will open in a new window.

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    Frame identification by frame number ... Table 2 Construction of frame number ® Indicates that a code usually a dating code is built ... Raleigh from 1947, Numbers :

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    Lets take a frame number from a Raleigh Chopper and brake it down. ... and the third is the year the frame was made. The last remaining numbers are the frame number.

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    Dating Your Raleigh 3-speed Bicycle ... The list below will help with dating your Raleigh bicycle from the frame numbers, but is not a definitive list, ...

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    9/6/2008 · Raleigh Serial number identification. ... I'm looking for some input on dating my Raleigh ... Most of the components are stamped Raleigh, but looks like the frame ...

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    What you are all saying about the NEW "Oldest Raleigh Chopper In The World" Before you all start about the "Frame Numbers" of the two Raleigh Choppers ...